Sunday, July 15, 2018

The English Lament (George's Tale) by Phil Drane - English Folk

Words and Music by Phil Drane: “This is a protest song that I wrote about, and in memory of, a chap called George Lodge who was born in East Leicester in 1922. George was a patriotic, Englishman and a WWII veteran whose ethnic English ancestors had lived in the same house for 5 generations. He finally passed away on 23rd November 2011 aged 89. Just before he died he wrote this “I hope to God that soon I will no longer have to stand helplessly by while my England, my English cultural heritage, my ethnic English identity and my English way of life are systematically undermined, ridiculed and ‘disappeared’ by British Politicians and their cronies. George was outraged and ashamed that, like most ethnic English people, he was made to feel unable to openly speak his mind about the effects of long-term ‘mass immigration without integration’ for fear being labeled a racist, a fascist or a bigot. Ironically, in 2011 the ’committee’ of one London folk club decided this song was “anti-multicultural” and cancelled my gig. In fact they actually paid me not to perform. Apparently, in this English folk club at least the values of tolerance, freedom of speech and peaceful protest have been replaced by censorship, intolerance and bigotry bordering on anti-English racism. This is George’s protest song of behalf of the ethnic English people who are being driven out of their homeland.”

- One night after a club gig, I was chatting to a chap who I'll call George, an 80-ish year-old English bloke. I asked him what he thought about the current state of England, and the ethnic English people. I was shocked when he said it wasn't safe to discuss such things in public, and he made me promise him anonymity before he would say a word. Since then I have heard many English people express similar views and in the sad story of the indigenous English, British Politicians obviously have much to answer for. This song needed writing, and they are mostly George's original words, his Lament.

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