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Pro-White Fiction: Northwest Independence Novels Quintet Series (MUST READS!)

The Northwest Independence Novels Quintet are a series of novels written by H.A. Covington about a hypothetical white separatist state situated in the northwest of the United States of America. The prequels to this series can be read about here.

The late Harold A. Covington (September 14, 1953 - July 14, 2018) wrote 15 fictional novels (5 of them the Northwest Independence Quintet and 2 prequels), 2 political and racial polemics, a collection of 8 short horror and supernatural stories and 1 other work of fiction that was written under a pseudonym... the "Lost Covington Book" or, as he referred to it, the "Garbage Book."

“These novels are not meant to be mere entertainment. They are meant to be self-fulfilling prophecies. The author wishes to inspire the creation of a real Northwest American Republic, and his novels are filled with a great deal of sound practical advice about how to do it.” - Dr. Greg Johnson, Birth of a Nation: H.A. Covington's Northwest Quartet, July 2010

In the series of books, a bunch of white separatists who refer to themselves as the Northwest Volunteer Army (NVA) launch an insurgency against the United States federal government and establish a Northwest American Republic (NAR). Beginning as a political movement, it morphs into a military organization after the 'Coeur d'Alene' which was the federal government trying to take children from a white separatist family and transferring to yuppies, which sparks a rebellion. Eventually, the Northwest Republic is formed. In a second war, it expands and seizes, then governs "the entire states of Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming as well as hefty chunks of Northern California, western Montana, Alberta, British Columbia and Alaska". See
About the Northwest Front, The Butler Plan, the NF Program, Principles of Migration, the FAQ, NAR Constitution, Dear White America, Radio Free Northwest

The books have been reviewed by Edmund Connelly, Ph.D. (here), Dr. Greg Johnson, Ph.D. (here and here)*, Michael O'Meara (here), and Tom Sunic, Ph.D. (here). And of course, the author himself explains his Quintet here.

HAC on the guiding purpose of the Northwest Independence Novel Quintet. Also check out the audio review of all three novels.

“They say that all politics is local. So is oppression, apparently. It requires a man to be personally affected by tyranny at his own front door before he will act. Sometimes not even then. You guys acted, on your own, and that impresses us." - The Brigade (H.A. Covington), Ch.II, p.45, Xlibris Corp., 2008.

Can anything be accomplished through fiction? Uncle Tom’s Cabin has been credited with starting the Civil War, and The Turner Diaries has been given credit for inspiring The Order as well as other things, so the power of the written word shouldn’t be underestimated.

The Northwest novels, written by H. A. Covington, give our people a good look at what a White revolution might look like in reality.

The Northwest Independence Novels Quintet consist of The Hill of the Ravens (2003), A Distant Thunder (2004), A Mighty Fortress (2005), The Brigade (2008), and Freedom's Sons (2013). However, what order should they be read in? Covington himself has stated (here, here, here, here and here) that,"There are two ways to read the Northwest novels: in the order in which they were written, or in what might be called "mythos order." He says that, "I personally think the best order to read them in for coherency and flow is mythos order:" That order is listed below.

The Brigade (2008)
A Distant Thunder (2004)
A Mighty Fortress (2005)
Freedom's Sons (2013)
The Hill of the Ravens (2003)

He goes on to say, "However, each novel can stand alone, and none of this is chiseled in stone. Most people end up reading the books in different orders than this depending on how they acquire the books. However you choose to read them, Erik, enjoy!" 

All are available on Amazon (links in descriptions below) in paperback, hardback, or kindle. The Brigade is only available in paperback and kindle. However, if you email Covington he will happily send you the books in PDF format for free. Personally, I prefer a physical copy to hold in my hands, and then hardback as they will last far, far longer due to them being large books, especially The Bridage and Freedom's Sons.

Siaorse an dath Ban (White Freedom)!

Ex Gladio Libertas (Freedom Comes From The Sword)!

The Brigade
Xlibris Corp., 2008, Bloomington, IN.,

The poet William Butler Yeats wrote “Things fall apart; the center cannot hold.” America in the decades of the 21st century has become a living hell. There is massive unemployment, uncontrolled immigration, along with overseas war and occupation without end of any land with crude petroleum. Total corruption in a politically correct police state, the legalized murder of the elderly, and the loss of the social safety net have created intolerable desolation and made life for everyday people a nightmare.

Finally, Americans can take no more, and in the Pacific Northwest they revolt. Led by embittered Iraq veterans, ex-convicts, teenagers, and blue-collar family men and women driven to desperation, in Portland and along Oregon’s northern coast, they join The Brigade. Purchase: Amazon UK, Amazon US.

Harold started writing The Brigade in the Spring of 2006. Version 2.0, released in 2007 (Northwest Publishing Agency) was a PDF for Samisdat publication. Version 3.0 was the book published in physical form in 2008 through Xlibris.

A Distant Thunder
AuthorHouse, August 2004, Bloomington, IN.
364 pages, ISBN-13: 9781418480981.

Shane Ryan is a wrong guy. Wrong race. Wrong gender. Wrong class. Wrong side of the tracks. Wrong attitude. America in the near future is a cold, cruel place, especially in the hardscrabble rural Pacific Northwest. There’s war in the Middle East, a revived draft, mass unemployment, an economy permanently on the skids, greed and corruption, incompetence and stupidity at the top. Poor blue-collar kids from the trailer park are last in line for everything.

America has screwed Shane Ryan, and he returns the favor. He joins the Northwest Volunteer Army, a terrorist organization dedicated to overthrowing the United States government and establishing an independent nation. America is about to learn the hard way that what goes around, comes around. Purchase: Amazon UK, Amazon US.

Harold has stated that this was published in August of 2004. Inside the book cover it says July 13, 2004.

Listen to the 'Old Mans Speech' here from A Distant Thunder.

A Mighty Fortress
AuthorHouse, July 22, 2005, Bloomington, IN.
384 pages, ISBN-13: 9781420859003.

The next book of H. A. Covington''s Northwest novel trilogy, A Mighty Fortress picks up where A Distant Thunder left off, and serves as a bridge to the final novel in the series, The Hill of the Ravens.  In a not-too-distant future, the United States is on the verge of collapse. America is hopelessly bogged down in a war against the Islamic world in a dozen countries that seems to have no end, while at the same time the nation is torn by years of bloody domestic terrorism on the part of white militias in the Pacific Northwest, and Hispanic separatists in the Southwest. The economy, the government, and the legal system are falling apart. America is going broke and on the verge of meltdown, as well as facing a major Arab offensive in the Middle East. Finally, the Federal government has no choice but to submit to negotiations with the terrorists, and a peace conference is called at Longview, Washington.

Cody Brock is a tough Seattle street kid, a runaway who joined the Northwest Volunteer Army at sixteen. By day he attends Hillside High School, where he falls in love with the cheerleader, homecoming queen, and budding actress, Kelly Shipman. By night he rides with the most deadly of all the terrorist hit squads, the murderous crew of the gangster-like Robert “Bobby Bells” DiBella, along with his girl comrade Nightshade. The two of them are selected to accompany the rebel delegation to Longview, where suddenly Cody is compelled to confront a ghost from his past. His Jewish past … Purchase: Amazon UK, Amazon US.

Harold published this book on July 22, 2005 according to the date inside the book cover.

Freedom's Sons
AuthorHouse, Sept 10, 2013, Bloomington, IN.
619 pages, ISBN-13: 9781105245794.

Freedom's Sons is the fifth and last in underground cult novelist H.A. Covington's series of Northwest Independence novels. In the first four novels--A Distant Thunder, A Mighty Fortress, The Hill Of The Ravens, and The Brigade--we followed the path of the War of Independence when in the not-so-distant future, the people of the Pacific Northwest fought a five-year guerrilla war against the overbearing tyranny of Washington, D.C., and finally established the Northwest American Republic as an independent nation. Freedom's Sons chronicles the first fifty years of the NAR's existence as a country and a new society, including the struggle against crushing economic sanctions imposed by the outside world, as well as an attempt by the enraged Americans to reconquer the Northwest with a military invasion. The novel follows the fortune of three families, one of former rebel guerrilla fighters from the Northwest Volunteer Army, one Unionist, and one refugee family who flees to the Republic from the collapsing U.S.A. Freedom's Sons is a story of redemption and the triumph of the human spirit over the darkness now engulfing the world. Purchase: Amazon UK, Amazon US.

Harold has stated that he started this book on Thanksgiving Day of 2010. Volume 1 was completed In August of 2011. Volume 2 was completed on Thanksgiving Day of 2012. Volume 1 was published by Lulu in 2012, Raleigh, NC. Volume 1 and 2 combined was published by AuthorHouse in 2013. The date of September 10, 2013 is in the book cover.

The Hill of the Ravens
1st Books Library, September 2003, Bloomington, IN.
330 pages, ISBN-13: 9781410765604.

It is morning in America, many years in the future. As the 22nd century approaches, the United States and Canada have been shattered by war and upheaval and have broken up into separate ethnic, racial, and political enclaves.

On the East Coast a crumbling, bankrupt and tottering United States government still holds a weak and impotent sway over a ragged collection of tattered states and cities, but life is chaotic and plagued with poverty, violence, and desperation. The entire Southwest, beginning with Texas and extending westward to southern California and north as far as Utah, has become the Spanish-speaking Mexican state of Aztlan. And in the Pacific Northwest, from northern California on up to Alaska, a brutal fascist and white supremacist dictatorship rules the Northwest American Republic.

Colonel Donald Redmond of the Bureau of State Security (BOSS) is one of the Northwest Republic’s most ruthless and skillful political policemen. Then on a bright October morning he is called into the office of the State President, where he is given a top-secret assignment. A skeleton from the bloody and treacherous days of the revolution against America is about to emerge from the closet, and one of the most carefully guarded and suppressed mysteries of that revolution may become public knowledge. That long hidden truth may undermine the very moral and political foundations of the white supremacist state. A woman’s life hangs in the balance, but possibly even the fate a of a continent as well, as Donald Redmond and his partner Sergeant Nel plunge into the past and seek for the answer: who betrayed the Olympic Flying Column, and why? 

In The Hill of the Ravens, underground cult novelist H. A. Covington offers us a grim and chilling view of a future that may yet come to be. Purchase: Amazon UK, Amazon US.

Harold has stated that he published this book in September of 2003. Within the book it says June 19, 2003.


* Back in 2009 Dr. Greg Johnson (whilst he never liked the violent aspect of Covington's Northwest Independence Novels Series Quartet), was favourable of the books and recommended them to read and even gave Covington an interview where they discussed the books further (here or here or here). This interview got Johnson fired as editor of The Occidental Quarterly for giving exposure to him. In 2010 he gave two favourable reviews of the books as linked at the top of this blog post and a discussion on the Northwest Imperative and the books here. He further, 2014, discussed Covington and the books here. It is worth reading the comments to these links, especially Johnson's. Other interviews with Covington and his books can be found herehere, and here.

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