Monday, May 21, 2018

'MISSING: A Future for White Children' fliers spread in Telford, UK

On Sunday May 20th 2018 fliers were found distributed in the Telford town of Shropshire, England in the United Kingdom that suggested a future for White children is in peril.

Hunderds of fliers with a pro-White message warning of the perilous situation white Children face in the future were found posted to lamposts across the town of Telford in the county of Shropshire. The areas of Dawley, Ironbridge, Overdale, Wellington, Shawbirch, Brookside, and Stirchley were affected.

The message on the fliers can be read below.

MISSING: A Future for White Children

Description: Blond, red or brown hair, fair skin; innocent, inquisitive, intelligent, trusting personality. Corrupt politicians and minority special-interest groups have abducted her future. There will be no future for her in the Third World Britain that our nation’s enemies are planning. Let’s take back our country and make it clean, decent and beautiful once again.

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