Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Troy Southgate on "The Holocau$t"

"The authorities in London have finally revealed that a total of 71 residents died in the Grenfell Tower fire. Apparently, the delay in reporting this figure is the result of people having been reported missing on multiple occasions. One individual, it seems, was reported missing no less than 46 times. But imagine transposing this errant tendency to Germany and Poland in the mid-1940s, a time when forensic science was enormously primitive and mass human displacement commonplace. It might help explain how six million Jews are said to have perished out of a European Jewish population which stood at 15,315,000 in 1933 and which had risen to 15,753,000 by 1948. I am not suggesting that incarceration, violence and murder did not take place at all, that would be ludicrous, but contrary to the controlled media reports that have been regurgitated over the last seventy years the first figure is taken from the well-respected World Almanac and the second from the official three-volume report of the International Committee of the Red Cross. Are we to believe, therefore, that without the
intervention of the Third Reich the 1933 figure of 15,315,000 would have increased to 21,753,000 in the space of just fifteen years? Not to mention the fact that communists, gypsies, homosexuals and various others were also targetted by the regime. Previously, between 1500 and 1800 the Jewish population went from 1,000,000 to just 2,500,000. Even in their reproductive heyday, between 1800 and 1880, Jews took eighty years to increase their numbers by around 5,000,000. Make of that what you will." - Troy Southgate, November 16, 2017. (Source

Richard J. Levy (aka Richard Leviathan) comments, "Three quotes from Finkelstein are pertinent here:"

“There are also other reasons for writing [The Holocaust Industry]. Obviously, there was a personal reason – namely, my parents passed through the Nazi Holocaust. Every member of their families was exterminated during the war, and I felt it was important to accurately represent what happened to them during the Nazi Holocaust.”

“one of the points I tried to make in the book is that there has been a gross inflation of the number of survivors of the Nazi Holocaust. In fact, as all the historians have shown, Hitler’s extermination of the Jews was very efficient. It was like a factory, an assembly line. Jews were processed to be murdered. When you have such an efficient system there can’t be very many survivors. In fact, the best estimates show that by May 1945, that is, at the end of World War II, about 100,000 Jews had survived the death camps, the ghettos, and the labor camps. If 100,000 Jews survived the camps and ghettos in 1945, then 60 years later – that is, roughly around now – there can’t be more than a few thousand survivors still alive.”

“This notion of Holocaust uniqueness has no basis in historical fact and is an immoral doctrine, because it ranks human suffering, saying some suffering is better and some suffering is worse. The main purpose of this claim of Holocaust uniqueness is to immunize Israel, protect Israel, from criticism.”  

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