Thursday, March 10, 2016

When we say Jews, do we mean all Jews?

There is as lot of talk about Jews, especially with regard to their power and influence in America, Britain, and the rest of Europe. Specifically, their significance and influence which is in stark contrast to their numbers (a clear cut case, if their ever was one, of disproportional representation. Their percentage is greater than their numbers in the overall population), and whether or not Jews constitute a Religion or a Race.

Here, though, I am going to focus on the issue of when we discuss Jews and their influence in international finance, media, and politics, do we in fact mean all Jews, or a small and powerful elite, and not, as some would have you believe (calling you an "anti-Semite" and allowing their loxism to show), the entire Jewish community.

So, the question is, as above, when we talk of Jews in the context of influential power in Western nations, are we talking Jewish community or Jewish establishment?

The answer, as should be clear to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear, is an obvious no to the Jewish community. If we were, then this would be like tarring the entire Jewish community with the same brush. Doing so would be ignorant at the very least. Furthermore, I am sure that this goes for the vast majority of those who discuss Zionist and Jewish power in politics, finance, and media.

But, when it comes to the Jewish establishment, then a reasoned, rational, educated, unbiased, and self-evident yes should resound.

Let me explain. When, for example, the talking heads in the media comment of the Chinese, Russians, Iranians, British, or Americans, etc. wanting or doing this or that, they clearly do not mean all Chinese, Russians, Iranians, British, or Americans, but the ruling establishment of those respective nations. This is blatantly obvious, and only a moron of room temperature IQ or someone with an agenda would say otherwise.

When it comes to the Jews, however, this needs to be explained. Not least because the controlled media promotes that narrative for obvious reasons.

To emphasize, saying Argentinians, Greeks, French, or Germans, in addition to the above for example, are pushing this or that, then these terms or used all the time in the media. This doesn't mean they are talking about the entire population in those respective countries. This is a given. But it dies mean the controlling establishment in those countries.

As should be self evident, and when you hear or read in the media that the British are pushing this policy in Parliament, or this agenda in Whitehall, or this story on Fleet Street, then they are not talking about every British individual, but those effectively controlling the nations politics in whichever medium we are discussing. But, it is right and proper to use the term British in this context, just as it would be right and proper to use the term Iranian when referring to that countries policies.

Clearly, not every Briton, American, Russian, German, or Iranian are the same. But we are clearly not talking about the bulk of the people, but in actual fact the establishment.

As the late Professor Dr. Tony Martin had said,

"Furthermore, all kinds of Jews, from the Marxist radicals to the redoubtable "Prof." Adelson of the Jewish Press, generalize about "the Jews" when it suits them. The "some Jews" business is yet another red herring and attempt at special rules for Jews. It is understood by sensible people everywhere that reasonable generalizations do not necessarily have to include every single last member of a group. If it is acceptable to generalize for everybody else then why, I ask again, are Jews so privileged as to be the sole exception?”1

So, when we talk about "the Jews", it is perfectly correct to use the term because the Jewish establishment is what we're talking about.

For example, Gun Control in the United States - it doesn't matter that some Jews oppose it, but the overwhelming Jewish establishment does, this is a fact no matter whom it offends, as I said earliertwice. And let's not get into that whole Nazi Germany wanted Gun Control nonsense, which has a different agenda, and is staggeringly and easily refutable.

To be clear, it absolutely does not matter one iota that some Jews oppose gun control, not in the least, as the vast and overwhelming Jewish establishment - the Jewish elite and power structure, does. And rather vehemently so I might add.

For fear of repeating myself, Israel identifies as a Jewish State, and the media comments that Israel wants this, or the Israelis want that. They are not talking about all Israelis, though it would be fair and honest to say the Israelis, or the Jews want something or did something.

The controlled media can put as much spin on our words as the want to, but to any intelligent person, the truth is self evident.  

My final words will be left to a man I greatly respect, Germar Rudolf"The truth is hate to those who hate the truth."2

Hamilton P. Rudberry


1) Martin, Prof. Dr. Tony; The Jewish Onslaught: Despatches from the Wellesley Battlefront. Chapter 5, Some Jews?, p. 37 (The Majority Press, 1993

2) Rudolf, Germar; Introduction (Chicago, July 7, 2005), Auschwitz Lies: Legends, Lies & Prejudiceson the Holocaust (Mattogno, Carlo; Rudolf, Germar), p. 13. Revised 2nd edition, The Barnes Review, July 2011.

Hamilton P. Rudberry

This article is an updated version. Originally published February 11th, 2016.

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