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Harassment, bullying, and lies: My BBC TV licence threatogram orgasmathon

On January 28th, 2016 I received in the mail my 22nd (technically 24th but I accidentally binned those missing two) threatogram from the BBC pedophile ring (junk mail) informing me that they are sending me some information that I "may need before a hearing is set at your [my] local court." 

For the Americans and citizens of other countries reading this that are in the midst of having a mental spasm at trying to wrap their heads around the concept behind this fraudulent TV licence racket (despite what this linked article says, do not make any contact with the BBC whatsoever)[1], in the UK you are legally obliged to purchase a licence at £145.50 ($207.19) a year only IF you watch or record live streaming television.

For the record, I do not in any way whatsoever watch live streaming television and have no intention of doing so, but more on that mentally retarding, disinformation, distraction, and controlled Ziomedia propaganda machine in future posts.

I moved into my closed building apartment on April 23rd, 2014. I remember when my elderly and rather eccentric landlord handed me the keys and stated that if I have a TV, then I should get licensed as "they are bastards" that won't leave me alone as he has "had trouble with this scum in the past."
Knowing that for years I had not watched television and at no point in the future would be, I brushed it off.

I have not contacted the BBC in relation to the TV licence in any way, ever, and I urge you not to either. And certainly not since I moved into my bachelor pad in April 2014.

So, when I received this letter on the 28th threatening so send me to court I could do nothing but laugh. I laughed so much I LOL'd out loud! Is that illiterate? Oh, I don't care.

Anyway, here I think it is incumbent upon myself to point out that I have received this very same letter 6 (SIX) times since I moved in!

Does this say to you that the BBC has any power or authority whatsoever if they are to make this same threat SIX times without backing it up in any way? No, it is all just smoke and mirrors. How can I possibly take them seriously after that record of incompetence?

It is like a bully telling you in school that if you don't hand over your lunch money then they are going to punch you, but they never back it up with a smack to the chops, yet you keep handing over the money! The thing is, and the reality is, that a great number of people get scared at their threatograms and capitulate (but the resistance, is rapidly increasing). Not me, no, sorry. In fact, those school bullies had more power back then than the BBC do today, or have had for a long time. Ever, I would wager.

No! In fact, no, I am not sorry... I say screw the BBC and their blatant pedophile accepting lies!

Maybe I should point out (although it makes absolutely no difference to anyone that lives in a house), that in my particular block of flats we do not have an intercom or any way (unless you are the landlord or the postman with a key) to enter the block without one of the residents coming to the main entrance and letting you in.

It could be that this is why I have not had an "enforcement officer" (comedy gold right there) visit my premises since I moved in; despite 2 letters stating by the BBC that I have been, "scheduled for a visit" (I'm beginning to tremble); after 6 "official warning" letters (brown trousers time) saying that due to not contacting the BBC to say that I do not need a TV licence that they are opening an "official investigation" (that's it, call a cab I need to purchase new underwear); and 5 letters saying that they are in the "final stages" of their investigation due to my non-communication with the BBC.

That is 24 letters from the BBC making threats since April 2014. And I am meant to take these people seriously? 24 and no action!

How less believe and intimidating can they be?

Like I say, it would change nothing if I lived in a house. In fact, I hope they send someone around, for I have a spare call phone that is fully charged and waiting on the side solely to share the experience with the world via youtube. Remember though, no contact. You can, of course, demand they tell you their name, who they work for, to see their ID, to say "I am recording this for my personal safety", followed by "I remove your implied right of access", or simply just slam the door in their face.

I say here and very clear, the BBC are a COMPLETE joke (I'll even say it in bold and underlined, COMPLETE JOKE), with as much power (far less I might add) than the local milkman! Hell, at least he has an IQ above room temperature (No, I'm vegan, he is a cow rapist supporting asshole).

Anyway, my best friend (yes, I have a BFF... shit, did I really just type that?). Anyway, he recently had an "enforcement officer" attend his property when he moved into his apartment, and he let them in. He had nothing to hide (as I do not), so thought fuck it, I'll show them I don't watch TV. Job done, the parasite visited his property, witnessed that he didn't have live streaming television access, wrote that property off, and left. He hasn't been bothered since.

True, I could do the same and save myself all this hassle. I could simply let this vampiristic blood-sucker into my private abode and that would be the end of it. However, 1) I find this highly amusing, and 2) I have no, and I repeat NO, legal obligation to do so, especially with these BBC TV licence goon fuck-wits.

This is why our rights are being taken away, because most people get intimidated by the lies and just just can't be arsed to look into it and bend over and take it like a good little lemming.

This below room temperature IQ TV watching mentality furthers the idiotic argument that, "if you have nothing to hide, whats the problem". Well, I'll tell you what the problem is... if I have nothing to hide, why should I have to prove it to you or anyone else? Has the concept of innocent until proven guilty been flung into the shit can of Jeremy Kyle level societal acceptance? Please!

Yes, I could indeed end this easily with one phone call, letter, or by letting them into my property, but I do NOT have too, and that is the point. For me personally, it is the principle of the thing. I, nor you, are under any legal obligation to communicate with these people in any way whatsoever, and it is best that you do not! Despite what they tell you, or their cleverly worded threatograms claim, you simply do not have to contact them.

Again, I do NOT watch or record live streaming TV, so for a private firm to tell me and try to intimidate me into thinking I have to acknowledge their smoke and mirror authority, I say FUCK YOU! And, I extend that fuck you up their arses! They have no power, no authority, and no legal right. In fact, my postman has more power than them, as he has access to the building! Besides, he is a very nice chap, and help me out a great deal.

Let me be clear... to date, since I moved into my apartment in April 2014, I have received a total (minus the two that I burnt) of 22 letters from the BBC. The first letter dated April 2014 was a polite "introductory" letter saying (in bold and capitals) that,


The below is part of that letter.

Needless to say I ignored this.

From that date (with no correspondence from myself) I have subsequently received a total of 23 further letters from the BBC. These I list below:

Here are the letters. I was going to start framing them, but I never expected to get so many. Tomorrow I will buy a scrap book.

So, that is a total (minus the burnt two) of 1 introductory letter, 2 scheduled for a visit letters, 5 final stages of their investigation letters, 6 "official warning" letters, 6 information you may need before a hearing is set at your local court letters, and 2 giving me 10 days to get correctly licensed letters.

This is so absurdly comical that I am only left to laugh.

But what, you may ask, about the "detector vans." Well, it's bullshit, hogwash, fanciful fraudulent threats in the hope that you will comply. This technology does not exist, at least not for the BBC. Remember the advertisements on TV when you were young, well ponder why you never see them now. Oh, yes, of course, that's because you're not watching the TV. ;) Of course, there are vans from the BBC that display otherwise, but these don't do diddly squat, but some are still fooled into believing it. It is worthwhile to not that these four-wheeled unicorns have not led to a SINGLE prosecution.

But seriously, this does verge on the harassment and bullying side of things don't you think? But it also illustrates that they have absolutely NO authority. Go to youtube and simply search TV Licence for some amusing visits that others have filmed.

I would love to pen a letter to the BBC and send them back their junk, but I will not communicate.

Those that end up in court are either doing something "illegal" or are just utterly retarded.

On a side, last year a friend of mine let a BBC "officer" into his property. This was before I ever spoke about such things so anyone. This man didn't leave the kitchen table, never inspected anything, and only heard the Simpsons playing on the TV (dvd anyone?). He never asked to inspect, but filled in his paperwork and had my friend sign it. It was a little later when my friend discussed this with me as he had the morning before received a letter (different from mine) actually informing him that he had to attend a hearing in another city on a particular date. This BBC bloke had reported back that my friend was watching live streaming TV. He asked me if I could help so I penned a very long letter to the courts, based on what my friend told me happened and as I briefly outline above. I requested that the BBC goon (not the wording I used in the letter) attend the hearing as my friend had the right to do. A couple of weeks later he received another letter. This letter however, basically said that the "charge" had been thrown out of court and that they wouldn't bother him for 2 years. And this went to court and was, by one letter, thrown out as the charges for lies spread by an incompetent BBC employee. Maybe I'll scan this letter and update this page with it sometime.

So, what to do now? All that is left to do is sit back, grab another cup of tea, and wait for next letter. Hmmm, but which one could it possibly be? The excitement is unbearable.

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