Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Dr. David Duke | Adrian Salbuchi | Argentina TV (Apr 2015)

In 2015 Dr. David Duke visited Argentina. Whilst their, he was interviewed on Buenos Aires Television with Adrian Salbuchi.

This is an incredible interview of Dr. David Duke on Buenos Aires Television with Adrian Salbuchi on why those who really believe in human rights, Gentiles and Jews alike, should stand up for the Palestinian people and against the Zio racism and extremism that afflicts not only Palestine but so much of Western media, finance and politics! This video has many incredible insights on
the world we live in.

Adrian Salbuchi is an international political analyst, researcher, consultant, author, speaker and radio/TV commentator in Argentina. www.asalbuchi.com.ar He is also the Founder of the Second Republic Project – Proyecto Segunda República (www.proyectosegundarepublica.com).

Author of several books on geopolitics in Spanish and English (including ‘The Coming World Government: Tragedy & Hope’), he is also a conference speaker in Argentina and radio/TV commentator. He writes op-ed pieces for RT Spanish as well as RT English, and is a regular guest on alternative media radio and TV shows in the US, Europe and Latin America. Adrian currently hosts his TV show ‘Segunda República’ on Channel TLV1 – Toda La Verdad Primero – in Buenos Aires, and is founder of the Second Republic Project (Proyecto Segunda República), a sovereign governance model for Argentina, Latin American countries and elsewhere. His website is: www.asalbuchi.com.ar; YouTube channel:www.youtube.com/user/arsalbuchi


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