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Whites and their rights to America

'Native' Americans & Non-Whites Have More Right To America Than Whites. Links Below. Updating...

by Alex Kurtagić

"This is why the American Indians have no right to claim possession of United States: it is not that the European settlers of the eighteenth and nineteenth century proved in a court of law that the former too were immigrants, or that they demonstrated that Europoids had inhabited the region before the American Indians’ ancestors immigrated from Siberia. None of this was even known at the time, and certainly the European settlers would not have cared if it had been. The American Indians were simply unable to match the technological and organisational might of the European colonists, and their constitution was also weak in the face of alcohol and newly introduced European viruses." ... "There was no United States in the North American continent before the White man arrived, and there would be no United States now had the White man not successfully colonised and organised the region in his own image. Had the White man remained oblivious of the existence of the continent we call America (even the name is ours), no nation states would exist there today; indeed, small parts of the continent would be controlled by mostly pre-historical tribes, isolated by large swathes of uninhabited space."

 Who Has a Claim to the United States - March 8, 2011
by Alex Kurtagić

... "the argument was made that Blacks, Whites, and Hispanics have equal claim to the United States. Disappointingly (at least to me), this is what passes for White conservative opinion on this matter today." ... "Black activists today defend their equal claim arguing that the United States was built on the backs of Black slaves, implying that the United States would not have been possible without them. Hispanic activists go further, and assert that their claim is greater, arguing that they were in the continent first and that, in fact, Whites should not be in America at all." "On the surface, the second argument seems a strong one, but in today’s context it is seriously undermined by the present day weakness of the first one.That I consider the first argument weak nowadays may seem extraordinary to those who consider it irrefutable: after all, Whites did built the United States! Yet as an argument it is weak in the present day context because it not only depends on a false premise, but also relies on the implicit acceptance of a racial self-identification that is rejected by most White people today." "To my mind, Whites in the United States are the only ones who could legitimately claim the country as their own.I reject that Blacks have equal claim to the United States because Blacks made up but a small percentage of the historical American nation, and for whatever reasons, the economic output of Blacks on average has been vastly inferior to that of Whites. Indeed, in the contemporary United States Blacks cost more than they produce on the whole—particularly when we consider the cost of violent crime, affirmative action, and welfare recipience, where they are disproportionately represented. As Michael Levin argued in American Renaissance in 2002,..."

An interesting talk...

Because of the AFA's involvement in the Kennewick Man case some years back, I found this series of videos on You Tube to be of considerable importance. They are of a lecture given by Dr. Dennis Stanford, who is probably the world's leading proponent of the theory that Europeans arrived here long before the migrations from Asia.
In this talk, Stanford makes a powerful argument for this theory.
You can find the first in the series here:
He has a book on the subject which will soon be published by the University of California Press.
Hail the Gods!
Hail the AFA!

Dennis Stanford from the archaeology department of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History gives a lecture here on the REAL first Americans. Much evidence from artifacts to DNA tests have sealed the deal on this. For more information, see this video, see the Disovery Channel EPIC "Ice Age Columbus", and also see the PBS NOVA special entitled "America's Stone Age Explorers." While you are at it, check out the DNA tests performed by the Science channel crew on the little known Florida Bog Mummies of Windover, which are just more CLEARLY European remains from ancient America.

Kennewick Man, Spirit Cave man, Lovelock Cave mummy, Penon Woman III, and a HOST of other clearly Caucasoid skulls and skeletons have been found here on the North American continent over the years, with some coming from South America as well. If not for the political correct hogwash that says all prehistoric remains belong to "Indians" and should be buried in the ground when discovered, rather than scientifically analyzed, then we would see at least 20 or MORE clearly 100 % European Caucasian related PRE HISTORIC remains on museum display.

It is just common sense why most "Indians" do NOT want prehistoric remains analyzed, because their monopolistic claim on ancient America will be DESTROYED in a heartbeat. ** Note - NOT all "Indians" feel this way, as some actually see discovering other races in prehistoric America as a vindication of HUNDREDS of ancient "Indian" legends that say the peoples contaced OTHER RACES and had various interactions with them (some good & some bad) *** If you are not familiar with this, start researching with the stories of RED haired, light skinned, and tall people spoken of by the Piute "Indians" of the northwest region of the U.S. Then if you look further, you will find HUNDREDS more of those type of native stories.

See the 2011 interview with Kyle Bristow...

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