Saturday, March 07, 1992

Before TRUMP!-David Duke for President 1992!

24 years ago, long before Donald Trump and the crop of current Republican candidates who swear they will stop the illegal immigration - was David Duke... blazing the way,

The only thing a younger generation of and many older people know of David Duke is the relentless attacks on him by the controlled media. All that changes with amazing speech, Articulate, passionate, intelligent and courageous speech about issues that Dr. Duke pioneered.

Now you can see and hear him for yourself in a speech in Massachusetts before Super Tuesday 1992.

Dr. David Duke was the first Republican elected official to make massive immigration a campaign issue. He warned about how our companies and jobs were being shipped out in mass to China and Mexico. He was the first to expose the massive racial discrimination against European Americans. He was the first major Republican to included a flat tax in his program for U.S. Senate.

Now you have the chance to hear an incredible speech by David Duke in Massachusetts before Super Tuesday 1992.

You may view this as one of the greatest speeches you have ever heard!

"Thanks to my assistants in posting this video! I have not seen it before now. During the campaign I didn't have time to watch CSPAN or TV at all. It is great that we live in an age where we can post this video so you can see who I really and what I really say rather than the liars of the mass media who are the true liars, racists, supremacist and haters. The tribalist who have driven so horrific wars and horrible crimes against humanity." - Dr. David Duke


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Just Who Really Is Dr. David Duke?

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